Videos AND PHOTOS of 2016's outstanding JustFood? Forum Speakers

For a full list of the speakers in these videos, please visit the Schedule page.


Keynote Panel: Racial Legacies: Land of the Oppressed and Dispossessed


Welcome Address and Keynote: The Global Land Rush: Power, Policy and the Right to Food


Urban Agriculture in a Legal Vacuum: The Detroit Frontier


Cuban Agriculture: Transformations & Perspectives


Ecology and Food Technology: A Chemical Clash?



After the Incubator: Factors Impeding Land Access Along the Path from Farmworker to Proprietor



The Impossible Case of Sonny Nguyen


Food Security and Maya Land Rights: Crafting Paths of Development with Identity


The Restoration of Ancestral Abundance: Integrating Agroecology with Indigenous Knowledge and Practice in Creating Sustainable Community Food Systems for Hawai'i


Native American Land Rights


Land Transition, Succession


Keynote Reflection Panel: Land Use, Rights & Ecology