Welcome Address & Keynote Talk, Tipped Over The Edge: Restaurant Workers & the Fight for Justice

Stories from the Fields: Immigrants’ Contributions to U.S. Agriculture

Lives on the Line: Labor Conditions in Meat & Poultry Processing Facilities

Caught in the Net: Labor in the U.S Fishing Industry

Growing a Workforce: Beginning Farmers and the Problem of Labor

Ethics Over Exploitation: Moral Mapping of Food System Labor

Food Production, Risk, and Immigrant Labor: The Public Health Case for Immigration Reform and a Better Food System

Milked: Migrant Dairy Labor and the American Dreams

Bridging the Divide: Innovative Models for Fair Compensation in the Restaurant Industry

Combating Worker Exploitation: Gaps in the Laws Impacting Labor Across the Food System

Photos below taken by Vera L. Chang, PhD student, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley