Short Schedule

8:00–9:00am     Registration and light breakfast

All Day               Poster Session

9:00–9:20am     Welcome Address from Emily Broad Leib, Director of the Food Law and Policy                                 Clinic of Harvard Law School

9:20–10:10am    Keynote: Sheila Maddali, Tipped Over The Edge: Restaurant Workers' & the Fight                            for Justice

10:25–11:35am  Breakout Session #1: Panels

11:45–12:25pm  Breakout Session #2: Talks

12:35–1:40pm    Lunch and Films

1:50–3:00pm      Breakout Session #3: Panels

3:00–3:30pm      Poster Session & Coffee Break

3:40 - 4:00pm     Remarks from Dean Martha Minow, Harvard Law School

4:00–4:50pm       Keynote: Steve Hitov and Fabiola Mieres, More Than Just Food: The Case of the                             Fair Food Program

5:00pm                Goodbye from the Conference Organizers


Detailed Schedule


8:00–9:00am    Registration and light breakfast


All Day             Poster Session and Exhibit Tables, AUS 200 Ames Courtroom


9:00–9:20am    Welcome Address,  AUS 100 Classroom

  •    Emily Broad Leib, Director of the Food Law and Policy Clinic of Harvard Law School


9:20–10:10am Keynote Talk, Tipped Over The Edge: Restaurant Workers & the Fight for                                 Justice, AUS 100 Classroom

  • Sheila Maddali, Director, Restaurant Opportunities Center of Pennsylvania and Co-Director, Tipped Worker Resource Center


10:25–11:35am Breakout Session #1: Panels

  • Stories from the Fields: Immigrants’ Contributions to U.S. Agriculture, AUS 100 Classroom

    • Paola Betchart, Workers Rights Advocate, Workplace Justice Program, Worker Justice Center of New York, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas.

    • Carly Fox, Senior Worker Rights Advocate, Worker Justice Center of NY

    • Dolores Bustamante and Juana Cruz, Mujeres Divinas, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas.  

    • Luis Jimenez and Victor Hernandez, Alianza Agrícola


  • Lives on the Line: Labor Conditions in Meat & Poultry Processing Facilities, AUS 101 Classroom

    • Deborah Berkowitz, Senior Fellow, Worker Safety & Health, National Employment Law Project

    • Alexandre Galimberti, Senior Advocacy & Collaborations Advisor, Oxfam America

    • Omaid Zabih, Staff Attorney – Immigrants & Communities Program, Nebraska Appleseed


  • Caught in the Net: Labor in the U.S Fishing Industry, AUS 111 Classroom

    • Kathy Hessler, Clinical Professor of Law and Animal Law Clinic Director Director, Lewis & Clark Law School

    • Rebecca Jenkins, Aquatic Animal Law Initiative Fellow, Lewis & Clark Law School

    • J.J. Bartlett, President, Fishing Partnership Support Services


11:45–12:25pm   Breakout Session #2: Talks

  • Growing a Workforce: Beginning Farmers and the Problem of Labor, AUS 100 Classroom

    • Margiana Peterson, PhD Student, UC Berkeley, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management

    • Adriel Hsu-Flanders, Harvest Manager, Siena Farms


  • Ethics Over Exploitation: Moral Mapping of Food System Labor, AUS 101 Classroom

    • Nicole Civita, Affiliated Professor of Law / Faculty in Sustainable Food Systems, University of Arkansas School of Law & Sterling College


  • Food Production, Risk, and Immigrant Labor: The Public Health Case for Immigration Reform and a Better Food System, AUS 111 Classroom

    • Claire Fitch, Program Manager, Food System Policy Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future


12:35–1:40pm   Lunch and Films (food served in Austin Hall Lobby)

  • Film Screening: Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields , AUS 100 Classroom

    • “ Ground Operations is an award-winning documentary that chronicles the growing network of combat veterans who are becoming organic farmers, pastured livestock ranchers, beekeepers, chefs, permaculturists, hydroponic urban farmers and food entrepreneurs.”


  • Film Screening: East of Salinas, AUS 101 Classroom

    • “A Documentary film about immigration, childhood and circumstance.”


  • Networking Lunch, AUS 200 Ames Courtroom


 1:50–3:00pm     Breakout Session #3: Panels

  • Milked: Migrant Dairy Labor and the American Dreams, AUS 100 Classroom

    • Aurora Moses, Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, Food and Agriculture Clinic, Vermont Law School

    • Laurie Beyranevand, Professor of Law, Vermont Law School

    • Sarah Danly, Program Officer for Legal Design Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, Vermont Law School

    • Enrique Balcazar, Organizer, Migrant Justice

    • Rafaela Rodriguez, Attorney,  Milk with Dignity Standards Council

    • Tom Fritzsche, Executive Director, Milk with Dignity Standards Council

  • Bridging the Divide: Innovative Models for Fair Compensation in the Restaurant Industry, AUS 101 Classroom

    • Joanna Wohlmuth, Manager, Juliet

    • Keith Harmon, Owner, Casa Verde, Tres Gatos, Centre Street Cafe

    • Caden Salvata, Managing Director, Mei Mei


  • Combating Worker Exploitation: Gaps in the Laws Impacting Labor Across the Food System, AUS 111 Classroom

    • Miguel Keberlein Gutierrez, Director of the Immigrants and Workers' Rights Practice Group at LAF Chicago

    • Whitney Benns, Consultant, Triad Consulting Group; Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law

    • Cathy Ruckelshaus, General Counsel and Program Director, National Employment Law Project


3:00-3:30pm     Poster Session & Coffee Break, AUS 200 Ames Courtroom


3:40-4:00pm    Remarks from Dean Martha Minow, Harvard Law School, AUS 100 Classroom


4:00-4:50pm     Keynote Discussion, More than just food: The Case of the Fair Food                                         Program, AUS 100 Classroom

  • Steve Hitov, General Counsel, Coalition of Immokalee Workers


4:50-5:00pm     Goodbye from the Conference Organizers,  AUS 100 Classroom